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Money Raised
  • $5,600
  • For HSoU
  • Humane Society of Utah

The theme of the show was glam, so I was inspired by the refined glamour of old Hollywood blended with the opulence of the glitzy parties and lifestyle of the time. I was thrilled when I found the main image of the girl in the poster because she embodied that classic beauty, but had the body language that conveyed mystique.

With the girl being so bold and striking, I knew that I  wanted the rest of the design to compliment her and not distract. I wanted to add another layer to tell her story and draw the eye in. I decided to collage a border, which meant I had to walk a fine line to make it look cohesive while including so many elements. I wanted to excite the viewer without creating sensory overload.

Once I had figured out the placement for all the elements I blended them in using transparency settings, balancing the levels to fade out certain objects, and I used several different brushes over all of it to create a distressed look that helped create a uniform faded look.

I wanted each element of the collage to tie into the show in some way. If you look closely you can spot many hair dressing tools such as blow dryers and combs, but it was also important that I represent the charity we were raising money for since it was so close to the director’s heart, so I included nature, wild life, and I even hid a dog behind a flower. I felt the final image truly represented not only the spirit of the show itself, but also the outcome of the show and the lives we touched.

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